The Future?

Nootropics, like the kind found on, have become a hot topic lately, intriguing everyone from the editors at Cosmo to The Harvard Review. At first glance, the hype of nootropic agents brings to mind a “magic bullet”, like the one in Limitless, where Bradley Cooper becomes a stark-raving genius at the ingestion of just a pill.

While you will not be suddenly capable of solving math equations that would make Einstein scratch his head, or able to perform brain surgery without ever stepping foot inside a medical college; the humble beginnings of nootropics are enough to get the science world excited about the future of using our brains to the fullest extent.

What do nootropics do exactly?

While different supplements are intended to do different things, all nootropics have some of the same basic building blocks of benefits that can be expected. Most nootropic bottles claim to boost memory, kick focus into overdrive and help to inspire the kind of motivation that gets things done… whether that thing that needs doing is renovating the kitchen or writing the next great American novel.

From students studying at your local community college to brainiacs working in Silicone Valley, nootropics are finding a home in different industries and for many different purposes. Although each user will turn to nootropics for different reasons, the focus is by far, the typical main attraction that has so many people interested in the perks of nootropics. With this in mind, it is easy to see how sites are staying busy and finding an audience that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

You already know nootropics at their bare roots

Nootropics do not only come in bottles with fancy labels at your local health food store. In fact, you have probably already taken in a few of them today without even realizing it. Did you stop by your favorite coffee shop this morning or unwind with a cup of tea last night?

If so, your brain is currently running on a small dose of nootropics.

Both your morning coffee and the green tea that you had at brunch contain things like caffeine and L-theanine which can improve motivation and increase your focus. How? These two ingredients increase the catecholamine signaling in your body.

After drinking coffee or tea, you may notice that you are able to focus more on the task at hand. You likely also feel more awake and more motivated to get the job done – whatever that job is. If you are not noticing an improvement in these things after ingesting caffeine, you may not be reaping the benefits that you once did if you use caffeine on a regular basis. This is because your body is able to become accustomed to caffeine, dampening its effects and making the perks you once felt less distinguishable.

What is L-theanine?

L-theanine is often found in nootropic pills because of its ability to do one very important thing and do it well. Caffeine can cause a lot of anxiety in those who may be sensitive to caffeine. Some people also experience shakes or tremors when they ingest coffee or tea. For this group of people, L-theanine can work to combat the anxiety and shakes that can come from caffeine.

Even when you are focused and ready to work, if you are over-caffeinated, it can be hard to complete a task at all. L-theanine helps to make the most of the caffeine in your system by making it noticeable where it counts (focus and drive) and making it less noticeable in other areas like anxiety and shaky hands.

Here’s to the future of science and society. It is exciting to think of just what may be possible as we study more about nootropics and their effect on our brains and the world around us. While we are still in the early stages of understanding exactly what lies ahead for the nootropics market, one thing is for certain… the possibilities of brain-boosting drugs, at this point, are truly limitless.

Though we are not there just yet, whose to say that some day intelligence and wisdom may, in fact, come from a pill… until then, we can all make the most of what we already have by taking what lives inside of a bottle of nootropics… and using them to live better, more productive lives.