Texas Mystery Authors provides information about contemporary Texas mystery authors and their Lone Star state characters and settings. A few of these Texas mystery authors are well known to mystery readers worldwide. All listed authors have received widespread critical acclaim for their unique voice and approach to writing mystery fiction.

Texas Mystery featuring Lawyers and Judges. Our mystery authors information is organized by the protagonist’s occupation. Character categories include jobs in the criminal justice system (lawyers and judges and cops of all kinds), other paid investigators (reporters and private investigators), and volunteers in the pursuit of justice (curious Texans). Links to listed authors websites and books are provided. We’ve also included links to author interviews and a calendar of book events where you can meet Texas mystery authors.

Texas mysteries with amateur sleuths. We have several criteria for selection of the authors listed on our site. An author must live in or have lived in Texas — just writing about Texas isn’t enough. An author must also write mystery novels with Texas characters and settings; Texas authors who write about other locales are not included. An author must have books in print that are available for purchase through either traditional or online bookstores. Lastly, the author must have a website or other online source — book review and/or interview — that provides significant information on the author’s work and writing philosophy.

Although these criteria exclude Texas authors who write in other genres or Texas authors who write mysteries set in other locales, to help you find them, we’ve included a links page to bookstores and publishers who specialize in Texas authors. We also have links to Texas writers groups who often sponsor writers’ conferences featuring Texas authors.

Texas mysteries featuring Private Eye protagonists. If your favorite Texas mystery author meets all the above criteria and isn’t listed here, send us an email with information on the author and their website. Make sure you include full links to the author’s website/

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We’ll be exploring a variety of “How To” projects, along with some up-to-date insights in our writers’ fields of expertise with our goal to bring this information to our readers in an easy to read and use manner. Please note that what may be second nature to one reader may not be as evident to another, so please be kind when someone asks a question. There is always going to be something that one person knows, but others do not (and vice versa).

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