Bridgeton teens help to promote summer program that feeds kids

The CCPYDC is very proud of these youth and pleased to see them continuing the Coalition’s work on summer feeding!

“BRIDGETON — After the kids were done playing soccer for the Bridgeton Police Athletic League, area teens arrived with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, water ice, apples and cheese sticks.

“Bridgeton Youth: Helping to Feed, Learning to Lead,” states the teens’ shirts.

During the school year, many Bridgeton kids are given free meals at their schools but, once the summer hits, the children are left without the nutrition they need.

Some motivated teens are working for the Bridgeton Youth Leadership Group are working to help educate area families about the Summer Food Service Program, a U.S. Department of Agriculture-supported program that feeds eligible children while school is not in session.”


CCPYDC and WRI Honor Boys and Girls Club Staff and Youth

June is officially Gun Safety and Violence Awareness Month in Cumberland County thanks in part to the Boys and Girls Club of Vineland. On July 20th, Lauren Snow, Senior Project Assistant, and Shelby Tucker, Project Assistant, visited the Boys and Girls Club of Vineland to present staff and youth certificates of appreciation on behalf of CCPYDC members and WRI. The Boys and Girls Club was heavily involved in the County Breakout Group’s Gun Safety and Violence Awareness Initiative. Club members attended municipal meetings across Cumberland County to ask council members to designate June as Gun Safety and Violence Awareness Month.

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WRI Honors Freeholder Director Derella and Prosecutor Webb-McRae

At the July meeting of the CCPYDC, WRI presented Cumberland County Freeholder Director Joe Derella and Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae with a certificate of appreciation for their involvement in the County Breakout Group’s Gun Safety and Violence Awareness Initiative.

Freeholder Director Derella, WRI’s Senior Project Administrator Tracy Swan, and Prosecutor Webb-McRae holding certificates presented by WRI.

Cumberland County Curfew Ordinances

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“It’s 10 p.m., do you know where your children are?

The Cumberland County Positive Youth Development Coalition reminds parents that each municipality has curfew ordinances and that curfew hours are a good way to keep children safe. This is especially true in the summer when children are out of school and people spend more time outside in the evenings.

Parental supervision reduces the opportunity for juvenile delinquency and reduced the likelihood of the youth becoming a victim of a crime by 17.7 percent, according to the coalition.”