Current Initiatives

County Breakout Group

Youth Employment:

The County Breakout Group is currently tackling the issue of Youth Employment. Cumberland County’s youth have an employment rate of 39.6%, compared to the state average at 26.3%.

Gun Safety and Violence Awareness:

The County Breakout Group is also continuing its work on the Gun Safety and Violence Awareness campaign. The Group is working on collaborating with state representatives to declare June as Gun Safety and Violence Awareness Month statewide. In addition, Members are looking to expand the sites at which the Gun Safety Education is administered, and designing supplemental activities in order to further engage students.

Bridgeton Breakout Group

Gang Awareness:

The Bridgeton Breakout Group is working with the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office to incorporate the Phoenix Curriculum, a multi-lesson gang prevention education program, in schools throughout Bridgeton. Additionally, representatives from the FBI were brought in to discuss gang activity with administration and staff at Bridgeton High School.

Millville Breakout Group

Play Streets:

Through the summer, the Millville Breakout Group will be focusing its efforts on ensuring a safe place for youth to play each week. Please click here for more information on the Play Streets initiative.

Vineland Breakout Group

Realities of Technology Campaign:

The Vineland Breakout Group partnered with Vineland High School’s Search for Consciousness class to create a PSA explaining the dangers of sexting. The PSA, which is accompanied by a lesson plan created by CCPYDC, is now being shown in middle school classrooms and local youth groups.

Click here to see the PSA video on YouTube.

The next prong of this initiative is centered on creating a Social Media Resource Guide to educate parents on commonly used social media applications and texting language.

Click here to see the Finished Social Media Resource Guide.

Lastly, the Vineland Breakout Group is coordinating a competition to promote positive usage of social media and will invite high school classrooms and community youth groups to create Facebook pages that promote positive messages.