Anti-Shoplifting Poster Contest Awards 2

Read more:  Positive Youth Development Coalition Names Anti-Shoplifting Poster Contest Winners

“The Cumberland County Positive Youth Development Coalition (CCPYDC) presented awards to the winners of its community poster contest on Friday, June 19th at the Luciano Center at Cumberland County College.

The campaign aimed to create a student-driven message to prevent shoplifting. The contest was open to all Vineland High School and middle school students.  Over 100 entries were received.

The top prize winner was Evelyn Regino Reyes, a seventh-grader from Wallace Intermediate School. She received a bike and safety helmet. Alexsia Gillespie, an eighth-grade student from Veterans Memorial Intermediate School, won a Kindle electronic reader for coming in second place.  The third prize went to Vraj Patel, a seventh-grade student from Wallace, received an entertainment package featuring Fandango and dinner gift cards.”